2.0.6 is being rereleased

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2.0.6 is being rereleased

Don Allingham-2
If you downloaded 2.0.6 today, please re-download the updated version
(2.0.6-2). Some debugging code was inadvertently left in which cause the
reading of XML databases to lose track of family references. Updates
files are being built and uploaded now.

If you have already downloaded and installed 2.0.6, the problem will be
resolved if you run the "Check and repair database" tool.

Don Allingham

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New Web Page Generator

Hello all,

I'm noticing some things with the web page generator.
I have checked do not include records marked private,
which now doesn't include reference, pages or information
for private records/people - excellent.  However,
the restrict information on living people seems rather
odd.  The default is 30 years (not entirely sure what
it's supposed to do), and at that point my record doesn't
appear at all (just text with my parents), but some of my
younger relatives appear and have their birth information
appear fully.  I would expect the restrict to work the way
it did before - the records get their own pages, but have
the information scoured out.

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