A Couple Issues With GRAMPS 2.0.11-2

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A Couple Issues With GRAMPS 2.0.11-2

Mike Bramblett
I have been using Family Tree Maker for many years now.  I have also
tried GRAMPS, off and on, since eraly 2002 (version .7).  I would love
to move completely to GRAMPS but it hasn't yet met all my needs.  I am
not a programmer and don't have a clue how to make changes to meet those

Here are my problems.

1.  FTM provides a method to assign each person a "Reference number".  
You can choose to have FTM automatically assign a REFN to each new
person, or you can assign it manually.   In the auto-assign mode, the
numbers how up in blue.  If you change the number, or import individuals
from a GEDCOM that have REFN's, those numbers will show up black.  I use
the REFN's as an index into several MS Access tables that I have (census
records, death records, etc.).  I can't afford to have those numbers
changed.  I normally run FTM in the auto-assign mode.  Each new person
just gets a one-up number.  To preserve those numbers, I occassionally
(after adding new people to the FTM file), export the FTM file to GEDCOM
and then turn around and import it back to FTM.  That ensures that all
the people who I have entered now have a permanent REFN and any new ones
automatically get assigned a one-up number.

When using GRAMPS to create web pages I would export my FTM file to
GEDCOM and then run it through a Windows program called GEDLiving that
would help to remove people who were born after a desired year who did
not have a Death Date listed.  This would remove lots of living people
from the original GEDCOM file.  When I imported the GEDCOM into GRAMPS I
would lose the REFN tag and therefore my link to my databases.

At some point, Don, provided me with a patch that would read in the REFN
tag and then there was a way to go into preferences and display the REFN
instead of the GRAMPS ID.  Or something like that.....  Anyway,
everything worked correctly and I was able to keep my REFNs.

Things don't seem to be working like that in the current release.  I
have no way (that I can find anyway) to access the REFN tag and I'm not
sure it gets imported from the GEDCOM.  The GRAMPS ID's seem to be
assigned as a one-up number for each new person imported.

Is there any possibility to be able to get this function back in the
current or future versions??

Below is an example of a person from a GEDCOM file exported from FTM.  I
would guess the INDI tag relates to the GRAMPSA ID in that it is
assigned automatically for each new person entered into the database -
either entered manually or imported from some other file.  The REFN
tag,  like any other "data" tag, stays the same.   In this example, the
two numbers are different.  If I were to export a subset of the FTM
records (a report with  only the descendants of  a particular person)
and then turn around a re-import it into  FTM, many people would have a
new INDI number but all would maintain their unique REFN.  I need GRAMPS
to do this.

0 @I06345@ INDI
1 NAME Nicholas Bice /Bramblett/
2 DATE ABT. 1904
2 PLAC Jefferson County, FL
1 REFN 6356
1 FAMC @F2176@

2.  Web Page generator.  The "old" web page generator is still there
under Reports, Unsupported, Generate Web Page but it doesn't work for me
anymore.  When I tried to generate one today, after selecting all the
options I wanted and clicking OK, nothing at all happens.  No problem as
this is no longer supported.  But, Don had added an option to on the
Advanced tab.  If you selected 'Include the GRAMPS ID' in the report,
you then had an option to use the GRAMPS ID in a url link.  I would, for
example, enter --- http://www.bramblett.com/database/allinfo.php?* ---.
The "*" would be replaced by the person's GRAMPS ID.  Then the person's
name would show up with the GRAMPS ID out to the right as a link.  In
the case of the person listed above, the link would be to
http://www.bramblett.com/database/allinfo.php?6356 ..  If you clicked on
that link it would display every place that that person's REFN showed up
in one of my on-line databases.   I would like to contine to use this

3.   I would like more flexibility in creating the web pages.  For
example, there are situations where I don't want to display sources,
notes, etc.  I just want to display Family Data sheets for everyone
caught by the filter with links to their parents and their children (and
a link to the external databases as noted above).  I would also like to
be able to display event labels even if I don't have data for that
event.  Example, I always want to display Birth Date:, Birth Place:,
etc., even if I don't have the info.  I find that it draws attention to
the fact that I am missing info when family members visit my web site.
If they have the missing data thy provide it to me for inclusing in the

Any help would be most appreciated.


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