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ADMIN: Migration of Gramps website and applications...

Nick Wallingford (Gramps)
The Gramps website (consisting primarily of a WordPress 'blog',
MediaWiki 'wiki' and MantisBT 'bugtracker') has been with the current
hosting service for several years now, and overall it has been good.

We are on what they call their 'classic' hosting, however, which means
that the interface we use to manage the site is a bit clunky.

We are migrating to a cPanel managed hosting, still within the same
hosting service (GoDaddy).

The move mostly came about because GoDaddy simply weren't keeping up to
date with php and mysql versions - and we were falling behind with
upgrades that we couldn't do because of the old versions.

So at some point in the next few days, there will be a time when the
site will not be available.  Initially, it will just be that editing has
been turned off, esp. for bugtracker and wiki.  They should still be
available for viewing as I do the final backup of the live databases and

But at the point we make the 'cut over', there will be some down time
where will not be available.  It will all be done as
quickly as possible, and with fingers crossed that everything comes up
again as it should be.

Once the new site is into place, I'll write again - asking you to test
things out thoroughly!  I know that some of the newer versions
(bugtracker, for instance) may have some interface changes, but basic
functionality should still be as it is now...

Nick Wallingford
[hidden email]
Tauranga, NZ

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