Accessing GRAMPS on multiple computers, Dropbox?

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Re: Accessing GRAMPS on multiple computers, Dropbox?

Peter Merchant
Just to add my thoughts.
I have three computers, two Kubuntu and an old laptop running Xubuntu. One is my main computer that I do all my work on, one is the family computer that the rest of the family can look at the family history, and the laptop is the one that I take out with me. From the main computer I export a backup to Dropbox, which I then use to periodically update the other computers. I then have to change the path to the media in the restored backup. Then if any family mess up the family computer database, it can be easily restored. Ideally gramps should be read-only on the family computer! The two computers are gramps 5.1.1 and I am not sure what the laptop is on. Suits me as I am the only one researching.

I do try and keep a record in Google Drive as a journal of what I do. It is one that I found somewhere and modified. It is a Google spreadsheet with the following fields:
- Date
- Where Look
- Source description
- What I was looking for
- Scope of results recorded
- Doc# or ref (or notes)
I am not totally satisfied with it, but at least it is a record.


On 30/10/2019 02:20, Philip Tait wrote:
Sounds like the safe way to do that (which is what I want to do also) is to export an XML file to a memory stick, Dropbox or NAS at the end of each update session, 
then import that XML file when starting a new session.

Philip (GRAMPS newbie)

On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 3:55 PM Peter Dodwell via Gramps-users <[hidden email]> wrote:
Oops!!!  My message went too soon. Restarting. I wonder if the original post referred to something similar to my situation. I'm a multi-functional user, and have Gramps installed on each of Linux, MacOS, and Windows computers, and configured to store my data on a memory stick.  The idea is to connect that stick to the current computer, right click on the data file, and select 'Open with' to select Gramps. That way, only one copy of the current file would ever be opened. I could have a copy of that file on Drop Box and access it the same way, but it would need to be frequently updated. Backing up would entail a simple file copy to a second USB stick after each Gramps session. If I was really efficient, I'd keep a journal (electronic or otherwise) in which to record a detailed log oh each Gramps session.
The more backup info you have, the easier you can recover from the inevitable disaster.

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On Tue, 2019-10-29 at 05:25 -0700, Dave Gilmore wrote:
I've been accessing GRAMPS on multiple computers for years. If I'm 
working on my laptop, I make a backup copy of the db, use a service to 
sync it to other computers, delete the out of data copy on the desktop, 
make a new db and do a restore. This method has a couple benefits over 
trying to sync the live data directory
1) It's OS agnostic so the differences between Mac, PC and Linux and how 
they handle files won't matter
2) It's (sort of) version agnostic. You don't have to be running the 
exact same version of GRAMPS on all devices. If they differ by a release 
or two - and you try to open a live database that they share - you might 
have bad results. But, the backup and restore method creates the 
database in the version that device is running.
This works great for me because I am the only one maintaining the 
database. But, I don't think any method is going to prevent the occasion 
when the both of you make updates and someone's changes overwrite the 
others. At least with a backup, you could load two different copies of 
the database to make comparisons should this ever occur
On 10/28/2019 1:00 PM, Logan wrote:
I've seen a few old (some very old) threads about using Dropbox but was
wondering if anyone had any experience syncing across multiple computers.
Here's the situation: I often edit stuff on my laptop as I'm traveling,
which is a Windows machine. My wife uses an iMac at home. It would be nice
to be able to have either one of us edit the database regardless of which
machine it is on. I experimented with getting it set up on Dropbox with
relative paths but though each computer could access it, any changes made
were not shown on the other computer (in neither case were the multiple
copies of GRAMPS running simultaneously).
If it can't be done, then it can't be done, I just thought that I can't be
alone in wanting to be able to do this. Thanks!

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Re: Accessing GRAMPS on multiple computers, Dropbox?

Thank you all for your thoughts and experience. This confirms what I thought
would be the case. Appreciate it!

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