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Alternate names info in Person Details gramplet

after updating from 3.2 to 3.4 version of Gramps I first want to compliment you on the improvements of the look and feel of the Gramps user interface. Great work! Thank you!

What I was missing when comparing and updating my data (in 3.4.5) with data I got from a relative is the display of alternate names in the Person Details gramplet. To see these I had to open the person editor and from this the names editor for every person with alternate names (mainly names after marriage) to check if these were correct.

I implemented the missing functionality and issued a feature request ( ) with attached code for this addition in the gramplet. If you find this a useful improvement, could someone see that it is taken over into the "official" gramps code?

It could be improved even more by displaying the callname underlined in the name or additionally in brackets behind the firstname like in the _Name_get_styled() function in the file gramps/plugins/

Kind regards,

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