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Associations debug tool


I would like to add a simple DEBUG tool on git.
Either via addon or gramps program.

Like dump gender stats tool, it only displays
'Associations' (person_refs) state. I thought it was time to
experiment some new methods for retrieving data, but
it still uses person data map. Anyway, currently it
should already match feature request #4335:
"Allow bi-directional edition on Associations tab".

I suppose we could also include an option for batch changes
on DB, maybe like a mirror? If the association exists, then
we need to set something on the referenced person too.

I know that current 'Associations' list (person_refs) is
inherited from gedcom design, but this does not mean that user
cannot find or fix them at a glance, into gramps.

The tool should be visible from
Tools menu -> Debug -> Check Associations data

If need, this can be an 'utility' tool. # can run without Optimization flag

Jérôme R.


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