Bug? in the indexes & citation/reference tabs of the Dynamic Web Report (DWR)

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Bug? in the indexes & citation/reference tabs of the Dynamic Web Report (DWR)

Have others noticed what appears to be a bug in the way the Dynamic Web
Report (DWR) presents data in some columns of its indexes? (Same issue
may affect the NWR also?)

This behaviour appears in at least GrampsAIO64 5.0 & 5.1 (on Windows),
and I get similar chaotic results whether I am using my own database (on
my production machine) or the Gramps example d/b (on a clean install on
a different machine).

If a DWR is generated with the options, under the "Privacy" tab to
enable "Export sources" (so you get a "Sources" index on the Index
page), AND on the "Indexes" tab to enable "Include references in
indexes", the result in the "Sources" index on the "Indexes" tab is a
page containing a table with columns (some of which do not appear if the
field is not used in the d/b) for e.g. ID, Title, Author, Abbreviation,
Publication information, Used for person, Used for family, Used for
media, and Used for place. The index overall is listed in row order by
Title, sorted alphabetically, and that ordering generally appears to be

However, the order of appearance of names within the cell of any row for
the "Used for person" column is sometimes more-or-less OK, but is more
often chaos (sometimes vaguely alphabetical, but with numerous instances
where the same name appears several times, and for sources where there
are tens or hundreds of citations there can be whole blocks of names,
each roughly in alphabetical order, but interspersed with random names;
for some sources, the best one could say about the order of names is
that it appears to be random). The greater the number of citations, the
more likely the ordering of the names referencing the source will be
chaotically listed.

For instance, in the example database, in the "Source" index, for
S00003, in the "Used for person" column, the very long list of citation
names (several thousand citations in total) commences with five names:
Nielsen, Jiménez, Медведев, Floyd & Caldwell, in that sequence. (The
second and third of these names could be partly or wholly unreadable if
any part of the email system strips out extended characters; the second
commences with the Latin character J and contains a small Latin e with
acute; the third name commences with the Cyrillic capital letter em and
contains two instances of the Cyrillic small letter de.) The contents of
the column is in the form of "Family, Given(s)", with a newline after
each person but no other delimiter; each name is hotlinked to that
person's page in the DWR. It is not obvious what is the logic of
whatever order these names have been presented in (and it is not by
given name either).

The same problem appears to affect the lists of the citations or
references from some of the other "Used for ..." columns.

If the DWR is generated with "Indexes" tab "Include references in
indexes" UNselected, one gets a listing with none of the "Used for ... "

But regardless of which option is used for "Include references in
indexes", if one clicks on any of the links from the source (ID, title,
etc are all hotlinked), the resultant source page may include several
tabs (if there are values for attributes, media &/or notes), but one of
them will always be "Citations", which again appear to be presented in
(apparently the same) chaotic order, some preceded by a bullet,
sometimes not; sometimes families are in a block after individuals,
sometimes they are mixed in together.

This behaviour is just going to confuse the people to whom I distribute
DWR reports!

But in very many other respects, the DWR is potentially an extremely
useful report for distribution of information to interested family
members. Among its advantages over the NWR, which also has its
strengths, are that the DWR allows direct searches, report creation
speed is very much faster (~50 seconds for DWR vs 55 minutes for NWR
with my d/b), and the DWR has the interactive configurable SVG trees.
The NWR does not allow the option of preserving media filenames, which
is an extremely serious limitation. I should note that the equivalent to
the DWR citation lists given in the Narrative Web Report [NWR]—which I
use much less often than the DWR—are also not presented alphabetically,
and the logic of their order is not evident either!

Bug report:

Unless there is some aspect here I have not understood, I will proceed
to submit a bug report relating to the sorting of names referencing a
source in the DWR citation tabs, with screenshots from the example database.

Feature request:

I would much prefer that the DWR gave me the option of suppressing
display of the source page citation tabs altogether (even if the names
were in consistent logical order). Generally, I do not find these lists
useful. For those of us with large databases, and where some sources are
referenced by hundreds or thousands of citations, the sheer volume of
names in the citations lists gets in the way (particularly in a narrow
column on the source index page), and it detracts from rather than adds
to the usability of the DWR. DWR users would still get to see every
citation given for any individual, event or family, on the "Sources" tab
for each individual or family, and as long as the DWR creator enables
the "Export sources" option, their users will still get a single
consolidated list of all sources for the whole database (or for part of
it, if it was filtered). The "Sources" index of a DWR functions as the
traditional "References cited" list consolidated at the end of a
complete document. So I will also shortly submit a feature request to
provide the option of omitting citation lists (but still keeping lists
of sources for people, families & events, and still allowing the option
of having a single source index).

Personally, I would give priority to the feature request over fixing the
bug. Personally, I would have no problem if the easiest way of fixing
the bug was to remove citation/reference lists even as an option.


Adrian Davey

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