Can someone please explain how the Note Link Report works?

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Can someone please explain how the Note Link Report works?

Could someone please explain the basics of how to get the gramps "Note
Link Report" to work, and in what context(s) this particular report
might be helpful?

I am attempting to use WinAIO32-4.2.8-3, with a db of ~35k individuals,
~95k events, ~5k notes.

Exactly what is meant here by "links"? Does this refer to whether the
note has one or more valid references to objects? Or does it refer to
having one or more hotlinks within the text of the note itself [e.g. to
a URL]?

If I run the NoteLink report while I have an individual selected[with
notes attached] from the person or relationship view, I get a report
with headings but no other content, i.e. my entire report consists of
nothing more than the following headings in two lines:

"Note Link Check Report
Note ID    Link Type    Links To    Status"

If I run it while I have an event selected[with notes attached] from the
event view, I get the same empty report.
If I run it while I have a note selected [with or without the note
having one or more references to objects] from the notes view, ditto.

The wiki is singularly unhelpful at explaining how to find the starting
line, but it does at least show a screenshot of a report that does have

But the screenshot in the wiki further confuses, by not making explicit
whether the linking shown is via reference [e.g. to a gramps object] or
as an embedded URL within the text of the note. As far I was aware, in
gramps, you can have a note attached to any gramps data object, but you
cannot give the note itself a citation or a link to a media object?
Worse, the example implies that apparently valid URLs within text are
not OK, without any further explanation? In  short, it is anyone's guess
how you interpret the example given in the wiki!

Any explanation would be much appreciated. I have been reviewing gramps
text report types of late, because there are a number of really
unhelpful inconsistencies in the way some of them render db content into
text reports.

many thanks, Adrian

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