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We started to test a new addon, named 'CheckPlaceTitles'.

The main goal was raising with feature request #9907!
A "prototype" based on "change name" tool (core set of plugins)
has been generated and Nick H. reviewed it.

It does the expected actions, but I cannot always properly explain.
So, tooltips or design might be confusing. I am thinking on first selection
- which is right - but not clearly explained.

Place names are like Person names, having some custom rules for
displaying via an expected format. One problem could be on storage on
database and file formats like Gramps XML: the place title value can lead to confusion.

So, after a complete "places migration", one might want to check the places table.
For more security, some options have been added, like generating a copy via a Note
and/or to assign a tag value on the selected rows.

"example.gramps" can be used for tests.

An archive is available[1].



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