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Citations improvement idea

Patrice Legoux
Hi Gramps list,

I don't know if it's the good place to put this idea. I try.

I was reading this old thread: and specialy the top ranked answer about assessment evidences found into source citations.
With Gramps we can't specify them.

Inspired by the first row, third line image of family historian quick start evocated into the thread answer: I think it should be nice to have a Gramps citation form displayed in two parts like event form editor (a "citation reference editor"). 
Bottom part (shared information) would be like regular citation form and top part (reference specific information) could look like event reference editor top part with specific fields to show evidences found into citation, relevant between citation and the object where citation is used to prove something (event, place, ... everywhere citations are actually used).

In top citation part we would find some fields like assessment, source text, ... Something looking like that:

The top part would be displayed only when adding or editing citations from where they are used. Like for events.


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