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Clear the decks for Gramps 5.0

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Do you appreciate the amount of effort our generous developers have contributed to make the release possible?

If you've generated bug reports, you might be able to thank them with more than words.

Clearing outstanding bug reports makes the backlog lighter and less frustrating.  But it would take a huge amount of Developer time to review reports that are outstanding and find those that can be closed. That kind of tedious labor happens when people it's a required part of a paid job. Not so much in open source projects.

On the other hand, it doesn't require take developer time to re-run the "Steps to reproduce" of your own reports when a new version is released.

Hold off adding notes confirming a bug still exists. It would overwhelm them with updates instead of help. Hold off even if you missed a step and just want to make the report more. (But send yourself an eMail with edit notes so you don't forget.)

Instead, make a list of only those of your reports that can be marked 'Closed' or 'Resolved' and let's flush those off the ToDo list!

While we're doing that, the developers can discuss (in their own communication channel) how they'd like to be notified. Maybe they'd like a consolidated Close/Resolved list posted here or an appropriately brief "fixed or cannot be reproduced in ver5.0.0 Linux/Win/Mac. Please mark Closed/Resolved" note added to the individual reports.  The Developers can post their preference here.

There are lots of ways that we users can lighten the load on the Developers. Even those of us without the discipline for team programming still have some skills that would add value.

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