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Brian Matherly
Looking in Subversion:

It looks like when we switched from CVS, we quit making snapshots of releases in the /tags directory (
Is there any reason for that? If we have just been forgetting, it isn't too late as long as someone can identify what revisions we released at. I would be glad to make the snapshots if someone tells me what revisions to use.

Why is development of Gramps 2.3 happening in /branches ( instead of in /trunk? Is Gramps 2.2 still the main development branch?

Here are some links that help explain the most common branching model (trunk,tags,branches):

Using this philosophy, I would expect that 2.3 work would be happening in

Alternately, we could maintain two trunks:
This would probably be my recommendation.

I'm just curious about the reasoning behind the organization. Nothing needs to change per se. I just don't understand it. Maybe it has something to do with the odd/even numbering scheme - which I've never understood, either.

Thanks for any explanation anyone can give me - I'd be happy to help make a wiki page :)


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