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Configure Dashboard: Very tall EnumeratedListOption

Stephen Adams
Hello all, I am making progress on the configuration menu for my gramplet, but I'm seeing quite a large height for my EnumeratedListOptions.  If they were more compact all the options would fit on a screen quite nicely.

There are 3 options, an ELO followed by a BooleanListOption followed by another ELO.  The BLO is fairly large, about 36 items that fit fairly well in 3 columns.

It appears that the ELOs have been resized to the same size as the BLO rather than adopting a height based on their own contents

        items = ''
        op = EnumeratedListOption( self.__LIVINGONLY, items )
        items = op.add_item( "Yes", "Yes" )
        items = op.add_item( "No", "No" )
        self.opts.append( op )

The excessive height of the 2 drop down boxes causes the save button at the bottom of the box not to be visible on the screen.

Is there a known way to suppress this behaviour or to override it fairly simply?

Thank you,

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