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Customizable place names in reports

Agnes Charrel-Berthillier

I have been trying to make reports work for my needs and am running into
some issues with, amongst other things, the display of place names.

The source of my issue: I am using 4.2.5 with automatic title
generation. Most of my place names are in France, where the full
city/department/region/country strings get very long (74 characters for,
say, my childhood place of residence, with the shortest ones still above
30 characters).

In text reports, having the full strings makes some sense, but having
them repeated again and again and again makes the text unreadable.

In graphs they make the node sizes inflate dramatically and wreck layouts.

In graphical reports it is almost as bad, *except* for reports where I
can use display formatting options to whittle down to just the city.


1) Has anybody else felt the need to add display formatting options to
Graph reports?

2) Display formatting for graphical reports is not for beginners --
which is probably why even reports which offer the option also have the
Name Format option on their first configuration tab. Anybody felt the
need for a Place Format option? If yes what should be there (limit to
city, have shorter versions with state codes vs. full names, make the
list of format options itself configurable (using display formatting
patterns?) with a hard coded list of sane defaults...)?

3) Adding place formatting (or the simplified version) to text reports?

Anything I missed that other people might want?

I am basically trying to shape a new feature request and am looking for
some input.


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