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Bruce DeGrasse
Don, Alex, I have noticed a few blemishes in the DetAncestralReport, here are  
the details.  

1.  In the Children list a space before the Born: and Died: would make the
list more readable.  The spaces could be entered in list_person_str of  Unfortunately I am don't know what other programs use this
function so this may not be the preferred fix.  I have attached my edited
version of file for your review.

2.  Name with no birth date and no birth place runs into the next sentence
(ex:  5.  Francoise BoudreauShe is the daughter ... instead of 5.  Francoise
Bourdeau.  She is the daughter ...).  The change for this is in born_str
function of  

3.  In some marriage cases the person is known but date and place are not
known.  This generates a sentence like "She married Germain Cormier in."  The
date is missing.  There is a slight program error in married_str in, this is fixed by replacing  date with place in a few spots.

4.  I am interested in changing the "in about year" to "about year" syntax.  
This needs further study on my part.

5.  The key in the DetAncestralReport  is a numeric value containing
generation and person number of the form g**2+n.  It seems a key of the form
g.n where g is the generation and n is person number within the generation
could work.  The advantage of this format is one can go directly to the
ancestor (parents) by mentally computing (g+1).2*n (adding one to the
generation and doubling the person number) and to the descendant by
(g-1).n/2.  Do you have any thoughts on this format.  Of course it could
easily be made optional.

Bruce (59K) Download Attachment