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Family Lines Graph - empty/blank file

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Hi people,

I have been using Gramps with great enjoyment and been adding as much of my family history as possible. Now I wish to print a full family tree with the family lines graph report.

When selecting my grandmother as focal point, I get the full ancestry (all 3 preceeding generations), as well as her full children and grandchildren overview. So far so good.

When I select my grandfather as focal point, without changing a singular option, the image generator runs very briefly and comes up with a minute file with absolutely nothing in it (a blank page).

Several other reports ran on either grandmother or grandfather are fine and display all the entered information, just not this family lines graph based on my grandfather.

Is there a way to check for errors in the image generator? I have been messing around with making the custom page stupendously large or small to see if that mattered, but so far it doesn't seem to.

Any help or tips would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,