First 4.0.0 beta release

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First 4.0.0 beta release

One month after Gramps 4.0.0 alpha5, the Gramps developers have released
the *first_Gramps_4.0.0_beta* release. This is a preview, so use for

The dependencies for Gramps 4.0.0 are *completely* different than 3.4.
So only install 4.0.0 if you are certain you can obtain the
dependencies, see *README* [1] and *INSTALL* [2].

Major enhancements in Gramps 4.0.0:

* GEP 8: code reorganization[3]

* GEP 26: Replace make[4]

* GEP 29: Gtk 3[5]

* GEP 31: Python 3 support[6]

More info in the manual[7]
Everybody is invited to update the manual to make it current!

Source tarball and some packages are available under Sourceforge[8].


Thank you all!

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