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Folder Structure & File Naming - Proctor's article

 "Peter (chamdo4ever)" <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Huge +1 to what Phil says below. Tony Proctor's blog post was a game
> changer for me too. The only thing that Phil and I might disagree on
> is that I still keep the files organized by repositories at the top
> level, and then by sources within each repository.
> Peter

I'm inclined to agree with you there. Particularly with our access to online versions of newspapers. Though in Australia that just means the National Library of Australia's TROVE in most cases anyway.

The Proctor article clearly outlines the difference between the hunting and the gathering modes of organising info, and that the gathering disciplines are much more useful in the long run.

My biggest concern is not whether to do it by source or person, but losing metadata held in folder structures when one loses that structure, whatever that might be. So for me the organisation by source should be in the filename in anycase. In particular sources which are Authorities, which technically is the writer of a newspaper article, not necessarily the newspaper itself....

Still getting my head around the citation windows in GRAMPS, they are not intuitive to my poor mind. Is there a good tutorial anywhere's?


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