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Formal and common names

Stefan Björk
This is an old issue revisited.

>>My given names are 'Bo Erik Stefan', in that order, but normally I only
>>use 'Stefan'.

>>Specifying 'Stefan' as a nickname is a possible, but ugly, workaround.
>>Gramps then thinks my name is 'Bo Erik Stefan (Stefan) Björk'. Are there
>>any better solutions?
> In the near future, we are going to start reworking the reports. At this
> time, we will probably give you better control over how names will be
> handled in the reports. We will probably give you the option of:
> 1) Formal name : Bo Erik Stefan Björk  (GivenName FamilyName)
> 2) Common name : Stefan Björk (NickName FamilyName)

I have begun to use an asterisk to mark the common name, such as 'Bo
Erik Stefan*'. This is my own way of coding names, and it works
excellent for my data.

I just wanted to mention this approach in case You would be interested
in incorporating something similar in Gramps, for example making the
reports aware of the asterisk and making the 'asterisked' name boldface
or something.


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