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Windows 10, 64 bits, Gramps 4.25
I face an issue with the form gramplet, I am not able to solve by myself.
In the past, I used to use the Census Gramplet, and I created some
census events.
All my census sources have the attribute such as "FR1891" in accordance
with the "form_fr.xml" file.
Now, I want to use the forms Gramplet on the person view.
But for people, whose already have a census event, they do not appear on
the form gramplet.
if I select New on the Forms gramplet, no source appears in the editor.
I am certainly doing something wrong. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your reply.



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Re: Forms_Gramplet

Chris check the source attribute "Type" if it is "Census" change it to "Form".