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Anton Huber


On 05/25/2005 09:01:27 AM, Anton Huber wrote:
> since the new version 2 a source is generated by importing an gedcom
> file.

Could you please be more specific? What is the portion of GEDCOM
responsible for this, and what source it creates that it should not?

> Can I delete is? If I want to delete it in "Source" I cannot
> because Gramps stops.

You should be able to delete any source you wish. What exactly
happens when 'Gramps stops'? If you start gramps from the terminal,
any messages you see when it stops?

> Or can you make an option not exporting sources while exporting
> an gedcom file?

Why export? Was the GEDCOM produced by GRAMPS as well?

I'm confused :-)

Alexander Roitman   http://www.gramps-project.org

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