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GRAMPS 2.2.2 released

Alex Roitman
GRAMPS 2.2.2 (the "We interrupt this program to annoy you
and make things generally irritating" release) is available
for the download at the usual location:
The pre-built packages will become available over a few days.

This is mainly the bugfix release. In particular, a serious
bug has been found and fixed since 2.2.1 that prevented the
proper upgrade of the Places data from gramps 2.0.x.

Due to the bug, in any database from 2.0.x opened in 2.2.1
the Places lost their main location data: street, city,
county, state, country, etc.

If you were affected by this problem, please make a copy
of your backup of the *old* grdb data from 2.0.x and open
it with 2.2.2 to properly upgrade the Places data.

Note that this only affects the Places data and only
for upgrades from 2.0.x. Any new database created with
2.2.1 is not affected.

As usual, we advise that you make frequent backups of your
data in the XML format, just in case anything happens.

Alexander Roitman

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