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GUI widget question

Paul Franklin-5
I wonder whether any of you GUI people know if a widget(?)
exists which supplies (if that is the word) what I can only
call a "dual row" of tabs?  At the top of a box(?), to allow
the user to choose different pages(?).

I don't have any easy way to show you what I mean, but they
exist in other operating systems (or windowing systems), so
I hope this will give you an idea:


When a tab in the rear row is selected, that whole row becomes
the front row, with the formerly-front row going to the rear.

Several of our editors are very wide, especially translated,
so I was wondering whether switching to staggered/dual tabs
might be a solution.  But a casual search didn't find any.

If they don't exist, I wonder if one of you could write one?


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