Gramps 3.4.2 - “We're all individuals!” - has been released.

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Gramps 3.4.2 - “We're all individuals!” - has been released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.4.2 of Gramps!  "We're all individuals!", a maintenance release.

* Some fixes on NarrativeWeb report
* Some fixes on book report
* Improvement on database path interface and user's preferences
* Consistency on Name display and regex support
* Some platform-specific fixes for Windows system environment
* Better support for media links on Gedcom file format
* Fix possible incorrect family relations on Gedcom file format
* Various fixes on citation records
* Fix and improve places handling on Geography views
* Fix on command line arguments
* Consistency on PDF file format
* A new feature: drag of a person to the family editor
* New language: Greek
* Various updated translations

See change log for more details.

The latest releases can always be found on our Sourceforge page.

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