Gramps 4.0.4 released

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Gramps 4.0.4 released

Today, the gramps team releases version '4.0.4',
the "Not the comfy chair". 

You can get this version from the download page and sourceforge hosting.

Jérôme R.

Changes since version '4.0.3':

  • 7470: [Database] Upgrade to db version 17 fails in Python 3 due to use of iteritems
  • 6194: [Database] Database corrupted - TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'
  • 7559: [Database] Fix bug in abandon changes and quit
  • 7258: [Database] Paths, unicode and bsddb module
  • 7582: [Database] Consistency on create_id method
  • 7519: [Settings] Better handling for non-ASCII characters on database-path
  • 7666: [File format] Better support for ANSEL characters
  • 7620: [Settings] 'Display as' field in Name Editor reverts to Preferences default
  • 7212: [Import] Fix vcard date converter
  • 7368: [Geography] View does not communicate over proxy server with autorisation
  • 7240: [Geography] Enhanced Bookmark support
  • 7419: [Search/Filtering] Event gramplet filter does not have field for primary role,
  • [Search/Filtering] New HasDayOfWeek filter rule
  • 7429: [GUI - interface] Error when leaving a Gramps type field blank in an editor
  • 5690: [GUI - interface] Fix creation of events with same Gramps-ID
  • 7449: [GUI - interface] Crash when opening details of a person
  • 7570: [GUI - interface] Fix spacing on dialogs for some recent linux distributions
  • 7117: [GUI - interface] date editor and Date class allow e.g. Hebrew dates with newyear (Mar25)
  • 7710: [GUI - interface] Fix crash in fan chart view when scrolling
  • 6808: [GUI - interface] Poor contrast mouse on mouse over
  • 7510: [GUI - interface] Drag and drop only one data into Editors tabs
  • 7342 7137: [GUI - interface] Enhancements and consitency on events gramplet, selector and view
  • 7501: [GUI - interface] Sometimes says 'no data exists for note' when saving
  • [GUI - interface] Enhanced Citation Editor
  • 7572: [GUI - interface] Do not always raise errors when some plugins are hidden
  • 7455: [GUI - interface] Remove hover selection from embedded lists - was added for 1772
  • 7584: [GUI - interface] Fix update of active object after merge
  • 7026: [CLI] Cleanup on warnings and messages around locale directory
  • 7435: [Other] Media Editor error if Path value was changed to a non existing file
  • 7119: [Other] Register history objects at startup
  • 7258: [Other] Avoid dumb encoding error when compiling gpr file
  • 7258: [Other] Work around Py2Cairo
  • 7476: [Gramplet] Given Name Cloud Gramplet splits up given names into words
  • 7477: [Reports] Users should not be allowed to edit and delete 'default' style into Style Editor
  • 7332: [Reports] Filename Decoding Error in Graphical Reports
  • 7662: [Web Reports] Missing closing bracket in Web_Basic-Spruce.css
  • 7469: [Tools] Reorder tool: global name 'gen' is not defined
  • 7097: [Spell] Some fixes and enhancements
  • 7377: [Port for Mac] Fix start in East Asian language, force UTF-8 locale on Mac
  • 7122: [Port for Mac] Fix apple_collation
  • 6854: [Port for Mac] Spelling messages at random cause hang for a few seconds.
  • 7434: [Port for Windows] Media viewer list crashes during start if one try to select an entry where the media isn't available
  • 6548: [Port for Windows] 'Available Gramps Updates for Addons' window not on top
  • 7447: [Debian] HTML View fails to load
  • 566: [Localization, Reports] Paper names and Styles values are now translated
  • 6696: [Localization] Sort failure using glocale.sort_key
  • 6538: [Localization] Improve support for collation variants
  • 7276: [Localization] Translate some punctuation marks
  • 7530: Fix unit tests and python3 issues
  • Fix Relationships handler for Portuguese
  • Updated translations: ar, cs, de, fi, fr, he, it, lt, nb, nl, pl, pt_BR, ru, sv, uk

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