Gramps 4.2.2 released

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Gramps 4.2.2 released

Gramps team releases 4.2.2.
It is a maintenance release for 4.2 branch.

Changes and bug fixes since version 4.2.1:

* "Show all" checkbox of "Select Family" window not unchecked when the filter is cleared
* Name of user defined filter is not shown
* ErrorDialog and GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent
* 'Find' is broken when used in the Family selector
* Fix default selection in selectors
* Comment currently-unused bogus wiki URL pointers
* Fix counter for filtered entries and indentation on TreeBaseModel
* Faulty headline in start up screen
* Check that gramplet is in notebook before setting tab label
* Fix creation of focus change events
* Interactivesearch gives "TypeError: unorderable types: str() < NoneType()"
* Put tag selection list in alphabetical order
* Remove redundant code
* Fix delete error in undoable entry widget
* Fix deprecation warning
* Re-enable selection in MultiTreeView on a grab_broken event
* Add validation to gender field
* Unhandled AttributeError when db.get_tag_from_handle returns None
* ReferencedBySelectionProxy can forget some referenced tags
* Remove encoding on stdout and stderr
* Handle citation objects in glocale.trans_objclass
* Locality data in address was not imported
* Can not download new or updated add-ons
     ** Don't check SSL certs when fetching addons
     ** Catch urlopen TypeError when context arg isn't supported
     ** Fix undefined variable error
* ValueError: underlying buffer has been detached
* LaTeX backend crashes
* Geography: performance issue due to bad initialization and performance issue when selecting the events or places views.
* Narrated Web Site Report: html elements emitted in different order
* Unused *_init.jpg are created in the narrated website
* Some media files are not exported to the NAVWEB report
* Narrative web report: add author to citations
* TypeError: unorderable types: EventRef() < EventRef(), events list and family list are differents between two reports
* Permission denied: change mtime to origin instead of destination
* Thumbnails html file missing in the narrative web
* Narrativeweb: Place title based on current date not that of the event
* Webcal: make the month name clickable in the year overview page
* 'Narrative' word not translatable
* 'Unknown' spouse uses an harcoded string name on Simple Descendants textual report
* Father/mother's age attributes are not translated on reports
* Improve Russian date handler and unittests
* Mars month instead of Marzec on Polish locale (Date Editor)
* Translations update: cs, de, fr, fi, nl, pl, ru, sv

See the changelog[1] for more details.

Packages will be available for download[2] soon.


Happy New Year!

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