Gramps 4.2.7 released

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Gramps 4.2.7 released

Nick Hall
Version 4.2.7, a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.


Changes since 4.2.6:

* Fix Export View to CSV when Unicode characters are present
* Fix several intl date displayers for missing parameter
* DescendantTree report; fix crashes and Title spacing
* Fix Book XML handler to deal with unusual characters in Book name
* Add support for new genealogy tree report category
* Fix Media Preview Gramplet for closed db
* Suport FTM 2017 Gedcom tags on import
* Fix Person, Family Sidebar Filters to add custom Event types
* Fix QuestionDialog display for html like characters in title
* Fix FamilyRelationshpType _DATAMAP order to correspond with values
* Fix Gedcom import for illegal Gedcom Family Attributes
* Fix Gedcom export for bad Hebrew Months
* Change INSTALL to replace 'python' with 'python3 for script invokes
* Fix CSV importer for place event name using gramps_id
* Fix Geography view 'Find' when db is closed
* Fix interactive search for exception on click then down arrow
* Create where_is utility to locate a binary in the standard places
* Fix relationship Graph so Unicode chars on Multiple pages works
* Update authors file
* Fix Gedcom import for "1 MARR Y" issue
* Fix Export Web Family Tree for errors on file write
* Fix Citation Editor to Tab out of Confidence ComboBox
* Reset the dependencies on the new meta-module
* Use online modules
* Consolidate Python2 and Python3 meta-modules
* Use None as the foreground colour for untagged rows in list views
* Fix shading colour in relationship view for dark themes
* Fix link colour for dark themes
* Fix default foreground colour in list views for dark themes
* Fix Undo; crashes due to race in Gtk
* Gedcom import with OBJE/FORM URL on event
* EOFError [Ran out of input] in Clipboard
* Cannot drag & drop textual value via clipboard
* Fix 'DbBsddbRead' object has no attribute '_Callback__callback_map'
* Reports - Narrated Web Site Failure
* Fix link path in gramps-launcher compile instructions
* Update translations: fi, de

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