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Gramps 5.1.2 released

GRAMPS - Dev mailing list
Version 5.1.2 - a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.


Changes since v5.1.1:

* Narweb: Private notes for home, intro and contact. If the notes are
   we can't use them in these pages.
   * Referenced regions problems.  When image width > 800, the referenced
     regions are incorrectly placed
   * Ancestor's tree display looks weird Solves the following:
     - Person boxes overlap
     - Some person boxes partially visible or hidden
   * some cleanup in ancestortree.css
   * ancestor tree and long names.
   * Adapt ancestor tree css file for all themes
   * dates not localised in place pages
   * Mainz problem with short text in one note, Issue occurs on the homepage
     and introduction page.
   * bad event links on media pages
   * Navweb: Don't use media regions in some case:
     - If we don't show families
     - If we don't show events
     - Don't show the media regions for a thumbnail
* WEBCAL: home link translated to lowercase
   * Wrong web calendar title on home page.  This solves the possibility to
     have ">", "<" in the title
* Update LDS Temple list
* Make GuiDestinationOption Folder Icon start in users directory
* Allow import file filter to accept case insensitive extensions
* Fix db to warn/prevent opening newer schema versions
* Fix Progen import dialog and progress meter for correct parent window
* Fix Progen import to correctly handle AKA surnames
* Fix ExportPkg so errors are not lost, and has progress bar for media
* Fix Export Assistant so error messages get correct parent window
* Fix GEDCOM import when family is missing; import created a missing note
* Fix Dashboard for adding Gramplet crash in Slovenian
* Update cs, ca, fr, uk, he, fi, hr, de, sv translation
* Update date parsing for czech locale
* Fix Spanish translation for dates
* fix private proxy tagref support.  Add missing code for event, repository,
   source, citation and place
* [Tree doc Tex] fix "-" char on place name "-" can lead to confusion,
   generating text out of the box with PDF file format
* [Tree doc Tex] fix typo on custom size
* Fix duplicated "døde døde" Norwegion Translation for libnarrate
* Fix up Event Editors Place display for bidi text with Gramps ID
* Fix issues with RTL languages and LAT/LONG
   * Fix display of GPS coordinates in Places view for RTL languages
   * Fix place editor lat/long entry for RTL languages
* Fix GEDCOM export to avoid translated GrampsType strings
* Allow Tools with Notbook tabs to expand to fill the window
* Limit Age Stats gramplet settings to appropriate values.
   * Max ages should be divisible by 5 to avoid out of range errors.
   * The chart width should be greater than 45 to look right and
     avoid division by zero errors.
* Fix the Preferences 'Age display precision' value getting lost
* Fix Window family tree title for non-ASCII chars on Windows
* Fix Preferences/Genealogical Symbols when only one font is present
* Fix various Entry fields so Undo/Redo works
* Fix tag colors on PedigreeView
* Fix Gramps -v error when Gtk is not present
* Fix for PedigreeView not reflecting changes to birthday or death
* ODF DOC - Fix improper escaping in odt output for TOC/Bookmark etc.
* Fix CLI parser to accept negative integers as valid
* Fix Descendant Tree report for HandleError when no parents on family
* Fix Reorder ID tool so subsequent db additions used next possible ID
* Upgrade export VCalendar to v2.0, so can export all utf8 characters
* Fix Preferences so <ctrl>PageUp/PageDn doesn't stick on Dates tab
* Graphs: Escape for name, dates and places in graph reports with XML
   illegal characters
* Fix 'Go' menu direct object selection, goes to wrong place

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