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[Gramps-devel] 2.0.5: "Select filename for a new database" dialog comments/bugs

John Stoffel

Hi Don and Crew,  

I've finally found a few more minutes to keep testing gramps 2.0
against my simple sets of data and I'd like to file some bug/comment
reports tonight while I'm cranking here.  Let me know if you want
these in seperate emails.  And sorry, but I don't have the time to
open bugzilla reports right now...


I've read in an old format compressed XML data.gramps file, and now I
wish to convert it to the new .grdb format.  When the "Select filename
for a new database" dialogue opens up (which is a long name for a
dialogue!) it offers me a folder to save in, which is nice, and a
format.  The comments:

1. Does it realy make sense in the "Save As..." dialog to offer the
   choice of a file type "Automatically detected"?  I think you need
   to remove that choice, since otherwise you'd just be a 'save'

2. I choose the 'GRAMPS (grdb)' file type and hit 'save' without
   changing the directory or anything else.  But looking back on it,
   the filename chosen for me, by default, is 'Untitled_#.grdb' here,
   which maybe isn't what I would expect.  To me, since we now have an
   official file type extension, we should use the name of the
   directory OR the name of the initial input DB that we loaded as the
   base, though in this case, since I loaded 'data.gramps', I would
   prefer to use the directory name as the suggested base name.  Does
   this make sense?  

   In all my previous gramps stuff, I just created a new directory,
   such as 'Test-Family2' to put the 'gramps.data' file into, since it
   wasn't obvious to my simple brain how to change the name of the
   data file.  And since you could have other files (images, etc) in
   the same directory, it seemed to make the most sense.  So now
   basing the name of the directory seems to make sense.

3. If you change the "Select file type:" to something else, it doesn't
   change the 'Name:' field to have the proper file extension either,
   they just stay as '<file>.grdb' which doesn't make sense to me, and
   could probably screw up the automatic detection of file types down
   the road.  Hmm... lets see what happens...


   It works, but the dialog that pops up for writing the GEDCOM file
   has a title of "GEDCOM import status" which threw me for a little
   bit of a loop.  The information window also says "Import Complete:
   2 seconds" which is really really wrong, this was an EXPORT of
   data, not an import.

4. Wow, I gotta say I'm impressed, even though I was now in GEDCOM
   format, I was able to add new entries and have the file updated
   properly, I think.  Heck, I can open it up, add/delete people and
   have it save again.  Neat.  But totally confusing!  

5. The auto-detection of file types breaks badly when you have a
   GEDCOM file with a .grdb extension filename.  Oops.  Once you open
   it, it seems to work just fine though maybe a bit slow on exit.  


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