[Gramps-devel] GRAMPS 2.0.6 ("Just like my dear Papa!") has been released

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[Gramps-devel] GRAMPS 2.0.6 ("Just like my dear Papa!") has been released

Don Allingham
GRAMPS 2.0.6 has been released, and is available for download at

Source code and RPMs for Fedora Core 3, Fedora Core 4, and Mandrake
available for download. Packages for other distributions should follow
over the next several days.

After weeks of discussion, design, implementation and testing, this
release introduces the new Narrative Web Page generator. The new web
site generator produces significantly more complete and nicer looking
web pages. While the older web page has been included in this release,
it will eventually be removed.

Version 2.0.6 -- the "Just like my dear Papa!" release
* New Narrative Web Page added to create a more complete web site.
* Progress meters in plugins.
* Numerous bug fixes.


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