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[Gramps-devel] Multiple nicknames in reports

Eero Tamminen

I just tested multiple nicknames with some reports.

At the same time person can have multiple nicknames, for example one at
work, another with friends and third among family.

E.g. the detailed descendent report looks a bit wierd currently with
multiple nicknames:
Descendant Report for Eero Tapio Tamminen

Generation 1

1. Eero Tapio Tamminen. Foo Bar Puu Jalka was born on September 13...

I think it should be:
        _Eero_ Tapio Tamminen, also known as Foo, Bar, Puu or Jalka.
        Eero was born on September 13...

I.e. use later on given name instead of the nicknames.  Or even better, the

At least in Finland use of nicknames in normal text seems really peculiar,
they are used only in speech, in text they are too familiar.  (Try
substituting a funny nickname and read some of the reports using
nicknames aloud and see for yourself...)

        - Eero

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