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This is a question for experienced translators (both Developers & WikiContributors) in the Gramps Project.

A draft of a landing Wiki page has been started for non-English speaking, new users of Gramps.

I would like to compile a list of the steps (with deeper-diving wiki pages, if they exist) involved to enable Gramps to be used by a non-English speaking user. 

No programming, OS specific scripts, or wiki-editing processes... just the generically describing the need to install the GUI overlays, dictionaries, select alternate calendars, set non-US (A4?) output defaults, and so forth.

There will probably need to be more advanced topic links like: switching back to US standard (for serious troubleshooting), upgrading without having to re-configure from scratch,  & all the little things that get overlooked.

The intent is to end up with an unambiguous, short & quick-to-translate 'clearinghouse/portal' page. It should be without jargon. The content should be fairly static... although the pages being linked will necessarily be both more dynamic & technical.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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