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[Gramps-users] Change to the GRAMPS sourceforge bug tracking tool

Don Allingham
We've been having difficultly with some bug reports for a while now. The
problem we have is that we've been getting quite a few bug reports that
are incomplete, incomprehensible, or not reproducible. Normally this
isn't too big of a problem, as long as we have a way of contacting the
submitter for clarification. Unfortunately, the reports that tend to
have these characteristics also tend to be submitted anonymously.

To try to resolve this problem, yesterday we made a change to our bug
tracker at SourceForge. Anonymous bug reports have been disabled.

We realize that this may be an inconvenient for some people, but we feel
that this is best in the long run. Since a registered person is notified
when changes are made to a bug report, this allows us to contact the
user for more information, and allows the user to see the progress on
the bug report.

Don Allingham

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