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Stéphane Charette-2
A few days ago, we released v3.3.2, a maintenance ("bug fix") release.

Tonight, we announce Gramps v3.4.0, an important new feature release:

Version 3.4.0 -- The "always look on the bright side of life" feature release.
* Lots of changes and bug fixes to every part of Gramps, including XML
  import/export, image handling, gedom handling, Gramplets, date handling,
  citations, reports, more!
* Some platform-specific fixes (Windows, OSX, Linux)
* What's new (and what to do before you upgrade):
* Roadmap:
* Many translation updates

The latest releases can always be found on our Sourceforge page:

At this time the 3.4.0 folder only has the .tar.gz and Ubuntu .deb files, but I expect to see other packages shortly!

Stéphane Charette

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