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Richard Hebert
Since you guys are into making cd's .. i was thinking of an old
feature we could probably put to good use.

Long time ago , Ximian had a client called MonkeyTalk
that client was a simple IRC client that was preprogrammed
to go to their server so users could get community support.

We , in Lemmings had recoded the client to go to
our channel and redid some graphics.

IT's an extremely simple IRC client , features a user list and a
web button that we can use to direct people to a website of our
choosing . Since i had time .. i already changed the channel to go to
#gramps and at the moment we speak . DefaultLemming is the
client in question running .

We can fix the graphics around the text window in the blink of an
eye to reflect the fact it's the Gramps IRC help channel to look
like the website.

The suggestion is out there , you'rs to do what you beleive is best :)
Id put a link to that baby in the Gramps Help menu  :)

Whatcha think ?



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