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Graph View addon: images are misplaced


Hi all,

To visualize my pedigree chart I'm using the Graph View addon very often. However, in Linux Mint the images are not centered in the box they belong to. The reason is that a developer in the past has added this piece of code in this addon on line 85:
if os.sys.platform == "linux":

By changing the coef=0.1 into 0 with an text editor (like Geany, Xed, Gedit) the images are shown in a way I expect them:
if os.sys.platform == "linux":
    # coef=0.1

Because most of time it is not wise to change the main Gramps environment I'm curious if this coefficient is still needed or maybe definitively can be removed from this very nice addon?

Currently my Gramps Settings are:
 python    : 3.5.2
 gramps    : 4.2.8
 gtk++     : 3.18.9
 pygobject : 3.20.0
 pango     : 1.38.1
 bsddb     : 6.1.0
 bsddb.db  : 5.3.28
 cairo     : 1.14.6
 pycairo   : 1.10.0
 osmgpsmap : 1.0
 GExiv2    : 0.10
 ICU       : 55.1
 PyICU     : 1.9.2
 o.s.      : linux
 kernel    : 4.13.0-39-generic

Non-python dependencies:
 Graphviz  : 2.38
 Ghostscr. : 9.18

Nb If anyone like to test this solution you can find this addon in your environment here: ~/.gramps/gramps42/plugins/GraphView/
Don't forget to create a copy of this addon AND always make a backup of your family tree in Gramps
before you change anything!

As I'm not using Microsoft Windows I'm not sure if this problem occurs there too. If so, then only change the addon with a text editor like Notepad but don't use a word processor like Microsoft Office as this will change the complete file in another format and destroys the addon.

Best regards,

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