How to create a citation for civil registration indexes

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How to create a citation for civil registration indexes

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I'd be grateful for views on how to create citations in Gramps for a civil registration index entry such as a birth which appears in the General Register Office England and Wales civil registration index for Oct-Nov-Dec 1866. The index can be a source of information in itself, not just a means of finding a reference to a birth/marriage/death certificate. You can use the index to confirm an event to the nearest quarter.. Strictly speaking, in line with standard Gramps practice, if the index is used to confirm an event, then the source should be the index (e.g. "General Register Office: Birth registration index") and the volume and page number should be the index volume and the page number in the index. It's then important to record the citation for the certificate e.g. "Oct-Nov-Dec 1886, Melksham, Vol.6a, p.142." It's technically incorrect to put "Oct-Nov-Dec 1886, Melksham, Vol.6a, p.142" in the volume/page number for the registration index because this is the citation for the actual certificate. Possibly the certificate reference could go in the citation note.This approach would result in a main citation like:

General Register Office: Birth registration index
        Date: 1886
        Page: Births registered in October, November and December 1866, p.558 [of index]

And a citation note like:
        Oct-Nov-Dec 1886, Melksham, Vol.6a, p.142
"Oct-Nov-Dec 1886, Melksham, Vol.6a, p.142" would then be the main citation for the actual certificate if it is used directly as a source.

While technically correct, this approach doesn't work very well if the data is exported to GEDCOM and from there to an tree (which is a useful way to share the tree). The citation note is preserved but the data is shown in a rather confusing way. Also, some Gramps displays don't always show the citation note immediately, you have to click through to it. So an alternative approach is to put the certificate reference in the volume/page no. for the index:

General Register Office: Birth registration index
        Date: 1886
        Page: Oct-Nov-Dec 1886, Melksham, Vol.6a, p.142

The disadvantage is that this is not the volume/page number of the index. However is this what is usually done for civil registration indexes by Gramps users? Perhaps it is the most useful approach

I'd like to find a standard, accurate and clear way of creating these citations.