LaTeX genealogytree reports on Windows

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LaTeX genealogytree reports on Windows

Gramps-5 will have new LaTeX reports and there is quick instruction how
to enable them on Windows.

Since 5.0 or 5.0-beta is not yet released download latest

Install it and run, create one of several type of reports in
Reports->Trees menu. Make sure to select large inaf paper size in
options as those report currently don't scala well.
As output type only LaTeX is available and report will create file with
".tex" extension, remember their name and location.

As our TeX/LaTeX environment we will use MiKTeX from
Unfortunately any such environment is pretty large so we download basic
installation (even basic one is 190MB in size) from

During install select "install for me only" and "Install missing
packages on-the-fly"
After successful installation (it can take some time) start console
window (cmd.exe) and type:
   lualatex FILENAME
where FILENAME is full pathname of .tex file you previously create in
Gramps. MiKTeX package manager will automatically download missing
packages. When all is finished pdf file will be created in directory in
which you start this command. I recommend then that you run "MiKTeX
Settings" from Windows StartMenu and change "on-the-fly" settings to
"No" or "Always ask"

If everything goes well you will now have option in Gramps to create
such reports in both latex and pdf format.


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