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Glenn McK
Having lost my gramps-users subscription with the last ISP change my
current mailing list archive is no longer useful.

I find it slow and ineffective to search the online archive and get
meaningful results. That's all made worse by an intermittent and slow
'net connection.

Is there a downloadable archive of the gramps-users mailing list?
Plain simple mbox style (text), by month if need be. Something that I
can fetch and point mutt / neomutt at, and quickly skim or dig into
the contents.

Actually... digging a little further turns up the following link...
 and I find that they are based on mailman so my prayers could be
answered?? If a project admin so allows.

Consider my hat doffed, and a respectful please added to this request. :-)

In a similar vein, but accepting that it's probably a longshot. I'm
hoping the wiki manual is also available for download.  I assume its
kept in the cloud for maintenance issues, and contributor / editor
efficiencies which makes perfect sense; but the same issue arises for

Thanks in advance.


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