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Mailing list upgrade

Nick Hall

SourceForge have recently upgraded mailman from v2.1.9 to v2.1.21.

This means that the DMARC mitigation options are now available. By
default, our lists have been set with a DMARC moderation action of
"Munge From" for domains with DMARC p=quarantine as well as p=reject.  See:

These seem like reasonable settings to me, so I don't intend to change
them, although I could re-enable bounce processing now. What do you think?

I also notice that SourceForge have disabled "Membership Management".  
They say that this is to keep member emails private "as a result of the
latest electronic messaging and privacy requirements around the world".  
This means that I am no longer able to make changes to mailing list
member settings.



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