Minor content bugs in tip texts?

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Minor content bugs in tip texts?

Eero Tamminen

Some things I noticed in the tips while translating them:

* In:
<b>Duplicate Entries</b>: <b>Tools > Database Processing > Find possible
duplicate</b> people allows you to located (and merge) entries of the same
person entered more than once in the database.
The "people" should probably be within the <b></b>...

* "Not all children are the related by birth to their parents" -> "the"
should be removed.

* One of the tips also talks also confusingly about the Person and Family
menus whereas I think it actually mean views...

* "GRAMPS offers full Unicode support. Characters for all languages are
properly displayed."  -> This requires also that user has installed and
configured the required font(s).

        - Eero

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