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More on the GRAMPS User's Manual

Don Allingham
About two weeks ago, we asked if there would be interest in a printed
version of the GRAMPS manual. We have been very surprised with the
response. We have a large number of people who expressed interest in the

We hope to make the manual available in printed form roughly around the
time that we make the 2.0.8 release.  We want to make this manual as
good as possible, so we are asking for your help. We have two people
working on making the manual more readable. However, we need your help
in making sure that we are covering everything that needs to be covered.

I have posted a copy of the manual in OpenOffice format at

We would ask that you review the manual for any information that may be
missing. Don't worry about format, spelling, or language. Help us
identify topics that are missing from the manual.



Don Allingham

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