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Name editor: hyphen management

Patrick Gerlier
Hello all,

Using  Gramps 5.0.2

I use the name editor to split among various fields "lengthy" names such
as Littoz dictus Monet:

1st component: prefix -none- name Littoz origin patrilineal main yes

2nd component prefix dictus (or alias) name Monet origin pseudonym main no

This is very handy and everything is formatted neatly in the reports,
i.e. name1 prefix2 name2 with spaces between the words.

However, with time, word "dictus" tends to be dropped in the record and
we can find "Littoz Monet" or, in modern times, "Littoz-Monet" were the
nickname has become part of the official name and both parts are now
separated by a hyphen.

The case "Littoz Monet" is easy to handle: there is no prefix.

I'd like to enter the hyphen in the prefix box before the second
component "Monet". But the report creators use it as a full-fledged word
and I get "Littoz - Monet" with spaces around the hyphen. The does not
follow the standard for writing names.

How can I handle this case?


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