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Narweb 4-2-3 italics not shown

Les Treneman
Hi Serge,

The problem appears to be with Firefox not Gramps.

Gramps 4.2.5 Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 with latest Firefox
Open Narweb file on Home computer or go to website = no problem.

Do the same with Ubuntu 16.04 and all notes writen in italics do not show only blank lines.
But clearly we know the website is OK as there is no problem with 14.04.

Installed Chromium browser for 16.04 and no problem, all italics shown.

To me it has to be Firefox with is not showing the italics writing, very strange.


Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2017 12:01:50 +0200
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To: Les Treneman <[hidden email]>,
Subject: Re: [Gramps-users] Narweb 4-2-3 italics not shown
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Hi les,

Where do you get this problem ?
Is it on a local machine?
On an apache server?
The best way to show your problem would be to rise an issue and attach a sample which show your problem.

perhaps the font you use in the report doesn't exist in italic in the  remote browser ?


Le 16/05/2017 ? 12:09, Les Treneman a ?crit :
> Ubuntu 16.04 Gramps 4-2-3
> I have just noticed that when I run a Narweb report, italics writing does not show on the report.
> There is a space where it should be eg 4 lines of writing shows up as 4 blank lines.
> When the italics writing is made normal, it does show on the report, very strange !!
> Trouble is it would take a long time to change all the italics.
> Has anyone else found this ?
> I am away for 8 days, so any replays I will do then.
> Thank everyone for their hard work
> Les

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