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Don Allingham
I'm trying to gauge the interest in printed manuals for GRAMPS. While
GRAMPS provides a free online copy of its manual, some people just
prefer to have a real book.

In the past, offering a printed manual has been beyond the ability of an
Open Source project. However, new technology is making this possible. A
company founded by one of the heads of Red Hat Linux,, now
makes it possible to have books printed, bound, and shipped on demand,
one book at a time. This would make it possible for users to order a
printed copy of the GRAMPS manual without any expense to the GRAMPS project.

Our best guess at this time is that such a book would cost about $10
plus shipping. This would be pretty much near the publishing cost, with
any minor profits going to paying for the GRAMPS web sites (however,
please note that this is not being viewed as a money making effort by
the project).

This would require some work on our part to do this, so we are trying to
figure out if this would be worth our time. So, the question is: Would
this be a worthwhile effort? Would you be interested in purchasing a
printed GRAMPS User's Manual if it was available?


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