Python 3.3 + bsddb3-6.x and Gramps 4.1 on Win

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Python 3.3 + bsddb3-6.x and Gramps 4.1 on Win


based on the prior work of Josip (thanks a lot -->
I have now such a system running too (attention: the ctypes package
isn't currently included and has to be added manually) :
Win7 Prof 64 bit German

Gramps Settings:
  python    : 3.3.0
  gramps    : 4.1.0
  gtk++     : 3.10.6
  pygobject : 3.10.2
  pango     : 1.36.1
  Using bsddb3
  bsddb     : 6.0.1
  bsddb.db  : 6.0.30
  cairo     : 1.12.16
  pycairo   : 1.10.0
  osmgpsmap : 1.0
  GExiv2    : 0.4
  ICU       : 52.1
  PyICU     : 1.6
  o.s.      : win32

Environment settings:
  LANG      : de_DE.UTF-8
  LANGUAGE  : de
  GRAMPSI18N: not set
  GRAMPSHOME: not set
  GRAMPSDIR : not set


Non-python dependencies:
  Graphviz  : 2.34
  Ghostscr. : 9.10

System PATH env variable:

I don't want to push any thing - it's just to give the information. If
we want to spend time to remove issues there let's know. But of course
the upcoming next release has a higher priority at the moment. And we
shouldn't have to much different Gramps systems on Win at the same time.
I already did found some effects but it's to early to speak about before
having more details.

BTW: The package above includes still en_US and hr_HR for spell checking
only. Therefore I have placed a larger set of dictionaries (usable for
all version of AIO) there: - not yet tested
for all languages!

- Helge

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