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I'm glad you posted this question. It made me look for the Translators coding the Gramps GUI files for Italian. And discover the page that list them on the Wiki didn't survive the host migration.

An archaic (or outmoded) word choice is something to file as an enhancement ... it's unlikely you're the only person affected but it might not be something that bothers the others.  Hopefully you have good suggestion for better choice. Luigi Toscano is the Translators register for the Wiki

Sometimes an... unusual... word is chosen as a label in computer software because when more common form is too long or is too similar to another label. Sometimes that more modern word just wasn't considered.

And sometimes the archaic word choice is still common in a regional dialect familiar to the translator.

What is verbal tense (the actual word) that is affecting you? When you say 'used in the book', do you mean the wiki documentation? If so, can you provide the URL for the webpage too?  (If this word is written to reports and websites, having the option to use a modern form become more important.)

I am also very interested about the process of generating and applying a custom .PO file.
And yes, the current wiki section is very Linux oriented.

So suggestion for Windows & Mac variations of that documentation would be nice.


On Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 4:39, Fabio Restante
Hi all,
I'm disturbing you because I need a little help with my "problem".

I actually don't like the italian translation used in the book, epsecially for the words related to the main facts of the persons in the tree. For example, it's used a verbal tense that we normally use for people lived more than 100 years ago, and in the book this tense is used also for kids...

Maybe I'm the only italian user with this problem, so I don't want to change the official translation actually used by Gramps. I'm used to work with the .po files, so I also downloaded the gTranslator program to modify my own it.po file according to my "feelings": is there any way to use Gramps with my "private" translation instead of the official it.po file?

I'm a Windows user, so please don't send me changing working only in Linus.

Thanks in advance.

Fabio Restante

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