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Ron Johnson
On 03/09/2018 07:21 AM, CurtD wrote:
This is a phrase you see used quite often when reading reviews of Gramps.
Most often by those new to genealogy and most likely new to Gramps.

I was new to genealogy -- and thus by definition new to Gramps -- and found it intuitive.

recently set down with my sister and showed her Gramps. Here are some the
questions she had but not exactly the way she asked them.

1. When starting a new tree why does the program not open the "Add a new
person" box for the first person?

Because you might want to start with families (for example, your parents).

2. Why are the addons not automatically added? Do they create problems?

Can't answer that one.  (Been too long.)

3. If "Relationships" and "Charts" on the left side are only related the the
highlighted person why aren't they both below "Person" and indented?

Why should they be?  They are different views of the tree not different views of a Person.

4. When you mouse over "Relationship" why does the pop up just say
Relationships? Should it not say something like "Add family members" or "Add
Parents, Spouse, Children, Siblings"?

File a bug report.

I have used Gramps form 3.X and never gave any of these questions much

Your sister is picky.

Better questions to ask would be:

1. Why allow Marriage events to be attached to Persons when they're designed to be attached to Family objects?
2. Why is the clipboard so unintuitive?  (Using the Paste icon to represent the Clipboard, and requiring drag-and-drop instead of Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V, for example.)

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