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Re: Need to test GrampsAIO 5.0 on Windows - got answer
Need to test GrampsAIO 5.0 on Windows

Hi all,


I got the answer: it was a bad idea.  The plumbing of the build back then, in June 2016, was different from the latest builds (no .dll in main folder, and db for instance).  It didn’t work for me.  In one case, I was able to import data.gramps from another (working platform), all my eastern people names are all unreadable.  Anyway, just to let you know to ignore my questions.  Sorry to create noises based on this bad idea.  Thanks.



From: Dave Khuon [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2018 12:15 PM
To: 'Gramps Development List'
Subject: Need to test GrampsAIO 5.0 on Windows


I note there is GrampsAIO-5.0.0-alpha1 win64.exe on SourceForge, dated from June 2016.  Will it work, if I:

1.      install it, and

2.      use git to clone the maintenance/gramps50 branch from github  repository to get the latest codes and

3.      copy them (just the *.py files) to the Program Files/GrampsAIO64-5.0.0 subfolders, then

4.      delete all *.pyc from Program Files/GrampsAIO64-5.0.0 subfolders, and

5.      relaunch Gramps50?

I need to test the latest vailable 5.0 code that already resolved the issues that I submitted earlier to the bugs-tracker.  I understand I may be using a non-stable version yet, at my own risk.  I will reinstall when a newer GrampsAIO64-5.0.0  installer is available. 



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