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Re: Source-DATA-tag on gedcom export !!!

Alex Roitman

On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 10:34 +0100, Jérôme wrote:
> Where is the "degree of confiance" on the DATA tag ?
> 2 SOUR @S0007@
> 3 PAGE Volume,film ou page
> 3 DATA
> 4 TEXT texte,blablabla
> 4 DATE date
> 3 NOTE Commentaires

I have fixed the Gedcom writer in the CVS (gramps20 branch)
to output the QUAY tag for source references, only if the
confidence level is different from the default. Please test.
It should appear in 2.0.10 expected soon.

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> What is the data_item tag ?
> <sources>
>      <source id="S0007" handle="X5RTLL92DA9QX8A5H8" change="1134431569">
>        <stitle>Titre</stitle>
>        <sauthor>Auteur</sauthor>
>        <spubinfo>Information de publication</spubinfo>
>        <sabbrev>Abréviation</sabbrev>
>        <note>Note</note>
>        <objref hlink="JYFNKL7H9W1SRYQ7MC"/>
>        <data_item key="clé" value="Valeur"/>
> </source>
The Key/Value pairs are currently not written into GEDCOM.
There's no GEDCOM tag for those. I can see a few options
for us here:

1. Add a note with KEY and VALUE words, something like:
   0 @S0001@ SOUR
   1 NOTE KEY: blah1 VALUE: blah2

2. Add a data field with the similar note structure:
   0 @S0001@ SOUR
   1 DATA
   2 NOTE KEY: blah1 VALUE: blah2

Should we do any of the above? Which one?
Or is there another better way that I am overlooking?


Alexander Roitman

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